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Image by Marco Canepa

Confluence of factors creating multi-year opportunity to invest in next generation energy technology

Traditional Energy Sources are Entrenched in Global Economies

Enormous Opportunity to Improve Efficiency of Traditional Energy

Veritec Team is Well-Suited to Steward Value Creation

  • Oil, natural gas, and nuclear are cost efficient and dispatchable

  • Highly integrated with power grid and fuels supply chain 


  • Too expensive to replace 

  • Will supply vast majority of energy demand for decades

  • Many promising technologies

  • Motivated customers

  • Immediately deployable / readily scalable

  • Efficiency and decarbonization not limited to energy sector

  • Intimate knowledge of challenges facing general industry

  • Insights to assess quality and economics of new technologies

  • Extensive expertise developing and scaling hardware / software

  • Network to accelerate growth and structure high value exits

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