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Differentiated insights and knowledge that will serve
as the
guiding principles for our investment process

Our objective is to produce top tier returns through a focus on markets with visible and risk-mitigated growth prospects, following a rigorous screening and selection process, and maintaining a disciplined and pragmatic approach to exits


Value to Founders

  • Deep understanding of technology de-risking, intellectual property and business case planning

  • Unique experience in building, managing and motivating highly functional and diverse teams

  • Knowledge of how to establish cost-effective infrastructure and support capabilities

  • Unrivaled access to talent, partners, and customers to help accelerate growth


Value to Investors

  • Accomplished team with complementary capabilities that has worked together for decades

  • Extensive global network and deep understanding of energy industry trends and requirements

  • Proven track record of organic and inorganic technology development and portfolio management

  • Lifecycle approach to investing — spanning invention, prototyping, commercialization and scaling

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